Press Release: Ex. ViViD Vocalist SHIN Holds First Successful Solo Oneman Performance and Releases Message to Fans

ODESSA, TX (December 26, 2016) – SHIN, formerly the vocalist of ViViD, held his first come-back performance in Tokyo at EX THEATER ROPPONGI on Christmas Eve. His first oneman show as a success, with tickets completely selling out. The venue was filled with fans who gathered at there to take in the experience. With the conclusion of this performance, his goods will be made available for mail order to fans all over the world.

Following SHIN’s come-back show, he released a statement written in his own words. Since most of his social media hadn’t been made public before the show, he hopes that he can convey what he thought after the performance.

For now, it hasn’t been announced what type of activities SHIN will continue to do, but fans should definitely expect more news.

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A message from SHIN from his official blog:


I want time to stop.
It was a time that I thought like that from my heart.
Many thanks to everyone who couldn’t come but supported me anyway.

This is the beginning of SHIN.

There are many scary things,
and there are many painful things but
when I think that from here on out there will be many days which are deeply moving like yesterday was, I feel as though I can overcome things no matter how painful they are.

I want time to stop.
I thought like that but
If time were to stop I’d never be able to advance further from before.

Beginning today, I’m moving one step at a time towards the day I can meet all of you again.

It’s a promise.
It’s okay.

We can meet soon.

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers.

And, I just want to say over and over again.

Thank you for coming to meet SHIN.

About SHIN: SHIN is the former vocalist of the rock band ViViD, active from the year 2009. However, in 2014 ViViD reluctantly disbanded. After a period of 605 days, SHIN restarted his activities as a solo vocalist. On 12/24/16, SHIN held his first oneman performance in Tokyo at EX THEATER ROPPONGI, which sold out completely.

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