MeteoroiD Release New Artist Photos and Announce Plan to Include Fans in the Album Jacket for “BULLETBOX”

MeteoroiD released their new artist photos, featuring their new costumes.

Alongside with the debut of their new look, the band also released a comment video which features off-shots from their 10/10 oneman show.

In addition, MeteoroiD also announced that from October 25 to November 20, fans can send in photos of their hands to be included in the jacket for their best album, “BULLETBOX.” Rules for the event are as follows:

※One picture per person.
※Pictures of hands only. (Any pose is ok)
※Submit between 10/25 10 pm~ 11/20 10 pm
※Send to:

“BULLETBOX” will be released on February 10, 2016 and available in 2 types.

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