Live Report: MeteoroiD ONEMAN LIVE / Machi’s Birthday “Ibasho no Keiji” at Takadanobaba AREA

Written and Photographed by: Meiko Kikuta
Published on with permission.

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MeteoroiD had another successful oneman, Machi’s birthday show, at Takadanobaba AREA on the 1st of September.

After eager and enthusiastic fans had their moment to welcome and cheer the band’s first appearance of the night, the band members appeared exactly at six o’clock.

The band rushed to the front of the stage to see their fans while fans called out their favourite band members’ names. There was no photographer’s pit, therefore the girls who were lucky enough to get to the front were able to lean against the stage.

Genki appeared holding an uchiwa (a round paper fan) from their previous show called “83 Matsuri” in August. The night started off with “Sekai wa Watashi wo Kiratteru“. The audience pulled out their official merch, their uchiwas, and danced along.

“AREA! Show me your true self! Tonight, here is the place you belong!” Genki shouted to the crowd.

After heavy rocky tunes, a melodious ballad called “Ibara Hime” followed. Genki walked back on stage holding a small lantern in his left hand. “I shall take you to the sleepy forest…”, the stage started with Genki’s soft spoken voice. The white beam of lights shined and mesmerized everyone in the venue.

MeteoroiD’s songs were not only high skilled musically, but also very creative. Each song had visual and imaginative concepts along with the music. This could be the reason that MeteoroiD is now one of the most powerful and influential bands among up and coming visual kei bands in Japan.

“Haitokusha ni Keirei wo” was another song that had noticeable moments. All the band members’ silhouettes appeared in dark red light. Genki repeatedly sung the phrase “Keirei” (give a salute) into a megaphone for “Haitokusha ni Keirei wo”. Other members raised their arms giving gestures of salute. It was a heavy and aggressive tune but quite a catchy piece of music at the same time.

About halfway through the show, raL shouted to the audience: “AREA! Thank you so much for supporting us tonight! Let’s get one and go wild for the last half, too. Are you ready?”

“Little Boy“ was chosen to be the last song for the gig. “Show your reason to be here tonight!” as Genki screamed and bobbed his head on a platform, the audience sang and danced along.

As soon as the band went off stage, the audience immediately began clapping their hands and calling out for more songs. Shortly after, a screen slowly came down in front of the stage and projected a short film about MeteoroiD’s recent news and clips for their new music video. The audience couldn’t hide their excitement for MeteoroiD’s new challenges in 2017.

raL and Tomoya were the first two to walk back on stage. raL smiled to the audience and secretly asked to sing the birthday song for Machi. After explaining and practicing once, Genki, Mikado, and Machi appeared on stage. The audience successfully sang the song and celebrated Machi, then Genki brought a whole cake onto the stage. “I’m not used to this kind of surprise. Hold on…my eyes are a bit teary…”, Machi appreciated the act. Genki continued and pointed out that MeteoroiD managed to pull the highest number of attendance for the show since they formed their band. As he mentioned, the lucky audience witnessed MeteoroiD’s best performance on that night.

From the beginning to the end, the audience was totally into MeteoroiD’s powerful and emotional creation.

Surely MeteoroiD is now facing even higher expectations since the band announced many new events coming up in 2017. We anticipate witnessing their success in the near future.

(Reporter: Meiko Kikuta)


1.世界は私を嫌ってる(Sekai wa Watashi wo Kiratteru)
4.めんへら輪舞曲 (Menhera  Rondo)
6.いばら姫 (Ibara Hime)
7.黄泉の風 (Yomi no Kaze)
8.背徳者に敬礼を (Haitokusha ni Keirei wo)
9.脈時計 (Myaku Dokei)
11.この愛を手放せば自由だろう (Kono Ai wo Tebanaseba Jiyuudarou)
12.慟哭の間 (Doukoku no Ma)
13.リトルボーイ  (Little Boy)
14.オトギリソウ (Otogirisou)
17.平成の“ヤミ”をお掃除しましょう (Heisei no “Yami” wo Osouji Shimashou)
18.anticlockwiseの心臓 (anticlockwise no Shinzou)
19.呪殺 (Jyusatsu)

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