RAINDIA is a 5 piece visual kei band with roots from the 90’s music scene and entirely self-produced music. Beauty is a feature of both the lyrics and melodies and the lyrics are written in a literary way and involve feelings of anger, conflict, and doubt about situations that many can relate to. The story created by the composition is strong, and similarly, their live performances include both intensity and melancholy emotion. The five member’s individual characters are strong with each person’s different hair color, but they skillfully become entwined on stage, expressing a world through their musical performance.

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Official Links:

Official Website
Official YouTube Channel


Vocals: Miyoshi Ken (Twitter)
Guitar: Takahiro (Twitter)
Guitar: S (Pronounced ‘Shun’) (Twitter)
Bass: Ryuu (Twitter)
Drummer: Tsubasa (Twitter)


2016.11.30 – Trash Juice
2016.05.08 – Bindume ni
2016.04.03 Kisho

Most of these singles and albums are currently available for purchase on CDJapan and Google Play.

“Hekiraku no Higanbana” – Full Music Video


“Akibin.” – Live Performance