Formed on June 23rd, 2003. Things are bound to happen on double dates. (A double date is one where the month and day are the same such as 2/2 or 6/6.) On August 23rd, 2004, their lead singer changed from Aoi to Jin. Since then, they have filled venues such as Harajuku Astro Hall (Capacity: 400), Shibuya’s TSUTAYA O-WEST (Capacity: 600) and O-EAST (Capacity: 1,300), Shibuya AX (Capacity: 1,500), and more.

They disbanded following their show [START] at ZEPP TOKYO on May 1st, 2006.

On that same date ten years later, MASK did a reunion show with all seven members at their ZEPP TOKYO show [GOAL].

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Official Website
Official Twitter
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Vocals: Aoi (Website, Blog, Twitter)
Vocals: Jin (Blog, Twitter)
Guitar: SANA (Website, Facebook Page, SoundCloud, YouTube Channel)
Guitar: Michiru
Bass: Kazutake (Blog)
Drums: NANA
Drums: MINAMI (Blog, Twitter)


With Vocalist Aoi
2003.06.23 – Call.No (Free)
2003.07.07 – Tokyo Trick Theater
2003.08.08  – Sekirara Neurosis
2003.09.09 – Tamerai Jisatsu Shingou
2003.11.11 – Awase Kagami no Ura no Kamen
2004. 03.04 – XxxX Master
2004.03.04 – Calcio
Solo Debut
2004.06.06 Kitakaze to Taiyou
2004.08.08 – Micchiiland
With Vocalist Jin
2004.11.11 – Tamago
2004.03.03 – Hammer
2005.06.06 – C
2005.09.09 – Mirai he no Tsubasa
2005.11.01 – MASKER
2005.11.01 – MASKEST
2006.04.04 – Sakura
Best Of Albums
2006.08.08 – MASKING Super Best
2016.02.09 – MASKING Super Best

Sakura – Full Music Video

Mirai he no Tsubasa – Live Video