In 2016, IRODORI formed with Avanchick’s NOAH as their producer on August 29, and on October 19 they officially began their activities. On January 25, 2017, their first mini album “WARUGAKIISM” was released. IRODORI’s first oneman, which was held at Ikebukuro EDGE on February 4, 2017, was a huge success.

The concept of “warugaki” is singing about society as seen from the point of view of youth. Like IRODORI’s name, there is a charm in coloring people’s faces with a smile. Now, IRODORI’s steady advancement is unstoppable as their live performances move into first place at events time and time again!

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Official Website
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Vocals: Takeru (Twitter)
Guitar: Aki (Twitter)
Bass: Kou (Twitter)
Drums: Yuzuki (Twitter)


2016.12.14 – Warugakism

“Warugakism” Full Music Video