A still relatively young band, Avanchick was formed in mid-2014. With a heavy style and energetic live performances, Avanchick almost immediately picked up recognition overseas following the release of their first single Maria in late 2014. Within two years of activity Avanchick are rapidly gaining attention in Japan for NOAH’s powerful vocals and their real and heart-felt lyrics. Swiftly rising as an up and coming artist, Avanchick sold out their first oneman in late 2015 and have since held a successful oneman tour throughout Japan. Avanchick now prepare to expand on their conquest by holding their oneman tour final at their biggest venue yet: Akasaka BLITZ.

Now, Avanchick are also garnering more attention worldwide than ever. In February of 2016, vocalist NOAH announced that he had been chosen to record guest vocals for the American-based recording project of the band Lightning Strikes. NOAH will be joining other guest vocals such as Tony Martin (ex. Black Sabbath) and Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Yngwie Malmsteen).

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Official Website
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Vocals: NOAH (Blog, Twitter)
Guitar: Rey (Blog, Twitter)
Guitar: Otake (Blog, Twitter)
Bass: Kagari (Blog, Twitter)
Drums: Hyu-ga (Blog, Twitter)


2016.03.30 – Tanin no Fukou wa Mitsu no Aji
2015.10.27 – Jibaku
2015.05.26 – Hitorigoto
2014.11.25 – 「To Heart」
2014.10.24 – 「Eternal」
2014.07.24 – Maria

English Media:

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“Tanin no Fukou wa Mitsu no Aji” Music Video Clip

「To Heart」 – Full Music Video [w/ Subtitles]