My Services

I offer an extensive range of services that include PR, promotion, and marketing.

Public Relations:

With the use of English and other media, it is my goal to raise awareness of my clients and their unique music. I have built a relationship with many of the websites that serve fans of Japanese music to bring them news, interviews, and more. By working together, we are able to achieve a strong relationship between non-Japanese speaking fans and the artists. This service is necessary in order to help artists build a strong foundation from which they can grow and become successful.

Promotion & Marketing:

Once my clients have a sufficient foundation, I am able to find an event whose needs they would suit and arrange performances overseas. My work does not stop there however, as I will begin to collaborate with my media partners to promote the performances, in order to ensure their success.

I prioritize an event’s success, so if my clients are not a perfect fit for their needs, I can assist in finding one who is through my network of fellow promoters.

All of these three elements are equally important to success, and I can provide them with my unique combination of services.